Spring Hill Car Keys

Lost keys, Replacement Keys, Key Programming

We are your Spring Hill lost key expert - We replace lost keys, Make extra car key duplicates, Fix car ignition problems, Do emergency lockout services 7 days a week, Broken key extraction, Make motorcycle keys and more. 

Fast professional service right at your car, truck or motorcycle we come to you with our Spring Hill mobile locksmith van to do the work right on location. No need to have your vehicle towed to a dealer.

Emergency lost key service

Spring Hill Transponder Keys

Transponder car keys also called chip keys come in many shapes and sizes some are called remote head keys that have the car remote functions built into the key head. Other kinds of transponder keys may be called high security keys or track keys the blade of the key is cut to a inside or outside looking track  they also come in standard and remote head keys styles.

Spring Hill locksmith can replace most lost car keys with a new one for all kinds of keys including older all metal keys and all the transponder style keys standard or remote head. We also can replace Fobik and Prox keys.

We are the Spring Hill remote head key pro most in stock call today.

Spring Hill Ignition Repair

Having problems with yours cars ignition? We can help with most ignition problems like if your key is stuck in the cars ignition and wont come out, Your car key will go in but will not turn to start the car, You broke the key off in the ignition and can not get it out, You lost your keys and need a new one made.

We keep in stock all the most common car ignitions that run into the most problems ready to help you. When your cars ignition or key is not working right give us a call.

Many times a car key will degrade down just enough that it will not longer work we can replace it with a new one and get you back on the road in no time.

Spring Hill Car Key Programming

Most newer cars in the last ten years use a transponder chip key and the key needs to be programmed into the car for the key to communicate with the car before it will start. We offer transponder key programming this is included when you have us make you a new key when you have lost your keys but we also can program in new extra keys for you. To have a extra key cut and programmed you can bring your car to us this will save you any trip service call charge. We just need your Car and your current key so we can get the key cuts we stock most keys so we will cut you a new one and program it in. You can also bring us a key to have it programmed in as long as it is the right key except for track keys we will only cut our own do to problems with aftermarket track keys that can break our cutter blade.